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Are you aware about the power of yoga? Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India. Yoga focuses on your body’s natural tendency toward health and self- healing. You want to know more about yoga practice, start following Yoga Tips.

Benefits of Meditation

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Thousands of scientific studies have been done around the benefits of meditation. They have all confirmed what Indians have always known - that meditation is a holistic approach to a happy body and mind.
1. A healthier body
2. Improved breathing
3. Increases energy levels and helps improve immunity
4. Helps control and regularise heart rate and blood pressure.
5. Regulates production of stress-hormones like Cortisol by soothing the Sympathetic Nervous System.
6. Helps focus and concentrate better
7. Reduces anxiety and stress
8. A greater ability to face tough situations

Here are 5 simple steps to start meditation:
1. Where? Any part of your home works as long it is quiet and there is no hustle-bustle around. Make sure the place you pick is also well-ventilated.

2. When? Mornings are suggested by most experts simply because meditation allows you to start off your day on a good note. Having said that, meditation can be done anytime of the day! Don’t go by what others tell you – if middle of the day works for you then go for it. Find a routine that works for you but be regular. A few minutes every day will go a long way in your efforts to master this art.

3. Don’t meditate on a heavy stomach. You don’t want to put yourself to sleep or feel drowsy. At the same time, avoid doing it just before meal-times. The idea is to find a spot in your daily schedule when you are relaxed and not distracted.

4. Close your eyes. Try to ‘collect’ your thoughts and put them away for a little while. Consciously tell yourself that for this short period of time you will not think about anything else. Take a few minutes and normalize breathing and don’t rush into things.

5.Start by focusing on your breath. Breathe normally for a few times. If it helps count the number of breaths you take, to begin with. Mediation starts first by controlling your mind to ‘concentrate’ on one thing and not wander off.


How You Can Keep From Falling Sick In This Changing Weather, As Per Ayurveda!

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Here are some of the tips to keep from falling sick this summer:-

- Ayurveda recommends that you should wake up during the Brahma Muhurat and after attending to nature's call, do Surya Namaskara and take a light and fresh breakfast.

- Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water. You can also add a dash of lime and mint in water and drink every day. Make sure you do not drink chilled water as it will make you sick.

- Consume foods that have more water content. Choose to eat sweet fruits like melons, pears and grapes. Vegetables like cucumber and zucchini and dairy products such as milk and ghee should be present in your diet.

- Do not forget to add herbs in your diet. Amla, brahmi, neem and gudduchi are known to be the best cooling herbs that will keep the pitta dosha in balance.

- Avoid sour foods that may include cream and vinegar. Spicy dishes should also be avoided as they can heat up your body causing various health problems, especially digestive issues.

- Cook with cooling spices like fennel seeds, mint, anise and cardamom. Make sure you add them in your daily diet to keep the pitta dosh in balance.

- As per Ayurveda, rose water is a magic potion that has innumerable healing powers and cooling effect on the body. You can apply rose water on your skin after being exposed to sun in order to get relief from excessive heat.

- Taking a 10-15 minute walk at sunrise will help stimulate your mood and body's production of vitamin D.


Tips to improve blood circulation

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- Maintaining a healthy weight: It helps promote good circulation. If a person is overweight, it may negatively affect their circulation. Losing weight improved circulation for women who were overweight. The participants increased their levels of a protein called adiponectin that is associated with vascular function.

- Practicing yoga: Yoga is a low-impact exercise that is easy to modify for beginners. It involves bending, stretching, and twisting. These movements can help to compress and decompress a person's veins, which may improve circulation. Yoga is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and a person's metabolism. A simple yoga position for beginners to try is the downward-facing dog. This helps improve circulation as it puts the hips and heart above the head, allowing gravity to increase blood flow towards the head.

- Jogging: It improves the body's ability to take in and use oxygen. It also improves the capacity of blood vessels to dilate, which helps them work more efficiently, allowing the muscles to receive oxygen more easily.

- Keeping iron levels balanced: Iron is an essential mineral for the circulatory system. It is required to make hemoglobin, one of the major components of red blood cells, which is needed to carry oxygen. Eating foods rich in iron, such as red meat or spinach, helps the body maintain this essential mineral. However, maintaining a healthful balance is necessary as well.

- Eating oily fish: The omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish promote cardiovascular health and improve circulation. Oily fish include: salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna.
For those who are vegetarian or vegan, kale contains a small amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are another option for people who do not eat fish.


Tips to Ease Menstrual Cramps

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Some fortunate women have painless periods, while others struggle with painful cramps (#dysmenorrhea)! Some even compare it to early labour contractions. What happens, is the muscle of the walls of your #uterus contract and a chemical called “#prostaglandin” is released from the lining of the uterus. This substance increases the strength of the contractions. The cramps can range from mild to unbearable & occur 1 or 2 days before your period, lasting for 2 to 4 during your period. Some women can experience #nausea, #vomitting, #diarrhoea and #dizziness.

>> For easing the menstrual cramps :-
- Apply heat rub to your lower abdomen and back to relax your muscles. A hot shower or bath and a hot water bottle/bag will help.
- Over-the-counter (OTC) medication can help. Stick to painkillers like #ibuprofen, #aspirin or #paracetamol.
- According to Medical Studies, #VitaminB1, #VitaminD, #VitaminE, #Magnesium, #Omega-3 fatty acids and #CalciumCitrate, can help with menstrual pain.
- Yoga and other stretching exercises can ease the cramps.
- #Bloating is a common problem during these days. Cut down on your salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol for this time, as these are bloating triggers.
- Recommended #BirthControlPills can balance your hormones and lessen heavy flow.


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