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Telemedicine - Overview

Our healthcare technology consulting offerings covers Telemedicine services enable health enterprises to adopt newer technologies and smarter ways of working—to transform care, enhance efficiency. Thus, provides a great consumer experience to doctors and patients by showing their medical histories to various different analytical dashboards. HelloDox is a patient engagement and case management solution that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing. Our medical record solution for the healthcare providers, case diagnosis and lab tests reports secure way anytime anywhere. HelloDox connects providers with their patients via a healthcare app and website. A patient can get high-quality medical care with easy retrieval reducing the time , thus saving the cost of frequent travel to clinics, hospitals and labs.

Telemedicine Services - Provider's Mobility Application
HelloDox takes care of Doctor's workflow, billing & network while they focus to deliver a great patient experience. With simplified cloud based clinic management software system HelloDox provide doctor’s on-the-go mobile application so you won't miss out on anything. This will assist in making your work easier with exceptional features

Telemedicine Services: Online Video-Audio Consultation.

Doctor-Patient Realtime Chat based modules

Payment Gateway integration to bill for critical treatments

Doctor-Specialist Secure communication

Doctor Broadcast

Appointment Management , Very easy and intuitive way to manage patient appointments and Walk-Ins.

Store all your patient medical record in one place.

Digitally manage Patient’s E-Prescription, Is always available, whenever you require.

Manage your time with Patient Queue Management effectively.

Get access to all the details quickly via a clinic book.

Smart search your patients based on their Name, URN Number, Blood Group etc.

24 * 7 Online chat consultation.

Raise patient awareness through our campaign management services.

Telemedicine Services to Patients
HelloDox is a Complete Telemedicine solution covering End to End Mobile Application covering Personal Health Records and Online Health Consultation with innovative modular solutions for health related queries. Hellodox covers a wide range of Specialities throughout the nation, with data of entire provider networks, primary care physicians , mobile clinics and nearest health centres.

Complete Patient Engagement and Case Management Solution Covering:

Patient Doctor Online Audio-Video Interactions in Realtime.

Find Clinic/Hospital and Speciality Doctors.

Find Clinic/Hospital and Speciality Doctors.

Access and Manage Medical History Records Processed at Clinics/Hospitals.

Alerts - Scheduler alert, Medication alerts through Messages.

Payment Gateway Integration for Out of pocket treatment expenses.

BMI and Food Calorie Count Calculator for effective Fitness Tracking.

Diet & Exercise Chart for personal wellbeing.

Crucial Healthcare Insights and Healthy Lifestyle tips.

Doctor Patient Social Engagement through chat based module.

Open API Support For Multiple EHR System.

Now, It's easy with HelloDox to Consult online with the well recommended Cardiologist, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Oncologist, Gynaecologists and other Specialists instantly with quick scheduling of appointments anytime anywhere.Get free health awareness and check up through HelloDox. HelloDox organises extensively covered Specialty Health Checkup Camp at your well recognised locations and Business workplaces.


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