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Address: D1/507, VARDHMAN TOWN SHIP, SANSANE NAGAR, HADAPSAR, Pune, Maharashtra, 411028

Only Authentic Profiles

We know that doctor's time is very valuable and this verification process ensures that you are within your own fraternity. No spamming – no trolling.

Time is life and we know it

A second can make a difference in a patient’s life and physicians sometimes face this dilemma of what next. The need of hour is to access any information regarding each patient on the fingertip. HelloDox “Virtual Clinic” module will make this a reality for you! “Virtual Clinic” will also provide a mobile based chat platform to primary physicians so that they collaborate with multiple specialists to treat their patients quicker and better! With real time communication between physicians the right advise is just there.

We care for doctors

Doctors are the simplest profession in their need and yes, we say we care for them. That’s why we always strive to incorporate their feedback to improve ourselves and keep their life simple. Hundreds of doctors gave us the feedback that online file keeping, online patient’s history records and a virtual online storage of prescriptions/records of each patient can reduce the cycle time of each patient’s diagnosis. We strive to provide simple solutions to their complex problems.

We are diverse

Our team is made up of Doctors, Engineers, MBA’s, Developers, Professors, Quizzers, Nature lovers. In fact we are as diverse as India itself, that’s where our strength lies and our bond it ties. We aim to become the No. 1 site for the medicos, in the way of contributing our little bit in betterment of healthcare.

Our Inspiration

We have a strong faith on the philosophy that “patients will be served better and quicker if Doctors can communicate with each other in real time”. HelloDox platform is made with extensive surveys and feedback from doctors and medical students.