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HelloDox assists seamless connection between Patients & Doctors by providing the following services



You can now book your appointment online at your nearest clinic. This feature is easy and convenient to use. You no longer require standing in the queues for getting your treatment done. It saves time and efforts of the patients and facilitates faster medical process.

Online Payment

In the age of digitalization, online payment is ubiquitous. Now you can utilize the benefit of online payment for your medical treatment at your nearest clinic. Not only that, you can also win exciting cashback rewards by making the payment through the HelloDox Wallet.

Connecting with doctors anytime, anywhere.

You can now stay connected with your doctor on holidays, out of station days and outside clinic hours. HelloDox helps you find the best doctor in your area / locality and also acts as a bridge of communication between a doctor and his patient.

Online follow up process

You can conduct online follow-up process that saves time, energy and cost of physical travel to the clinic. All the doctors registered on our platform are verified beforehand so you don’t have to worry about the authentication of doctors.

Know the live queue at clinic

No need to stand in line waiting for your turn, you can now be updated with the real time waiting queue & token number at your clinic. This helps you manage your time productively and efficiently.

Real time Chat through HelloDox app.

Connect instantly with your doctor through Chat box. Now you can receive online guidance and consolation from your doctor quickly using the chat option. You can also share medical reports & ask queries using secured HelloDox chat option.


Browsing through the entire online platform for health related tips and tricks becomes quite time consuming. But what if you get all your health information on a single platform in an organized manner? Now find all the news and information on health as well as Health Tips by specialist and renowned doctors on HelloDox platform.

Free Q & A

HelloDox is a great platform for having your medical questions answered. Of course, medical advice is something you want from a trusted source and what better way to get it from a secure platform with trusted and experienced doctors. So let HelloDox search for the solutions of your problems while you can rest and read on the Health tips!

EMR (Manage your Medical Records)

Now store all your prescriptions at one single place and retrieve them whenever you want. HelloDox not only saves your medical records online but also ensures security to avoid data loss. It also helps you to share your test reports and lab reports with the doctor securely.