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Diabetes Diet: This Ragi And Oats Uttapam Is Healthy And May Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable
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Diabetes is a chronic disease that is relatively difficult to treat. A good diet with healthy foods can do wonders in controlling the problem to a large extent. Diabetes is a condition when blood sugar levels rises at an exponential rate. It can occur if the pancreases lose their ability to release insulin or the body is unable to respond to the insulin function. Insulin is a hormone that is largely responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. A diet enriched with foods that improve insulin production and functioning may prove to be beneficial for diabetics. A little alteration in your regular meals can also do the trick. For instance, here is a healthy uttapam with a slight twist to make it diabetes-friendly. This uttapam is made with ragi and oats – two powerful foods that are considered great for combating diabetes.

Diabetics are advised to stay away from processed carbohydrates and switch to complex carbohydrates instead. Both ragi and oats contain a good amount of complex carbohydrates. They are also rich in fibre, which keeps the stomach full, eases the digestion system and makes sure that glucose is released slowly into the bloodstream.

Traditionally, uttapam is made with white rice. This recipe uses ragi, oats and brown rice instead. The addition of nutritious veggies makes this dish a star when it comes to a diabetes diet.

Here's how you can make ragi and oats uttapam –
Ingredients –

1 cup oats

1 cup ragi flour

1 cup brown rice

Half cup white urad dal

1 onion

1 tomato

1 green bell pepper

1 green chilli

Salt to taste

Method –

Step 1 - Soak rice, oats and dal in water for 4-5 hours and blend them all together into a paste. Add ragi flour to it. Add salt (as per taste) and make a smooth batter. Let it sit for at least one hour.

Step 2 – Chop onion, tomato, bell pepper and green chilli and mix them all together.

Step 3 – On a large non-stick pan, heat 1 teaspoon oil and scatter it all over the pan.

Step 4 – Pour a ladleful of the batter and spread it around the pan.

Step 5 – Sprinkle all the chopped veggies and chilli on the batter and with the help of a flat spatula, press down the veggies into the batter. Cover the pan with a lid.

Step 6 – When the top of the batter cooks, flip it over and let it cook on the other side also.

Serve this healthful uttapam with mint sauce (green chutney) and enjoy a light, delicious meal on your diabetes diet.

Dr. Vijay  Badgujat
Dr. Vijay Badgujat
MD - Homeopathy, Homeopath Family Physician, 7 yrs, Pune
Dr. Dr Anirudha Vaidya
Dr. Dr Anirudha Vaidya
MPTh, Neuro Physiotherapist Obesity Specialist, 7 yrs, Pune
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Dr. Avinash Deore
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Dr. Vishwajeet Desai
BAMS, Ayurveda Infertility Specialist, 8 yrs, Pune
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Dr. Anand Karale
MS - Allopathy, Gynaecologist Obstetrician, 5 yrs, Pune