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Are Holi colors harmful to your eyes?
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The Holi- festival of colours has been celebrated since time immemorial with natural colours from Natural booming flowers and the herbs. The fragrance and the aroma of the flowers was the key factor, ensuring the benefits to skin and the health. The therapeutic value of these natural mixtures could arouse the depressed patients.

But over the years and with the contemporary epoch coupled with the ever decreasing attraction for natural colours, the synthetic one has come to the scene with more of the ingredients having sparkling and illuminating colour leaving properties without the safety parameters for the skin and specially the most vulnerable organs- the Eyes. Which has led to the skin allergies to cancer, eye irritation to blindness and severe redness and allergy. These swollen eyes, when washed with water, lead to more severe reaction further as the water and the soil gets entered into it.

It’s an extreme grave concern that the colours in vogue now-a-days, are severely deteriorating and are originally are oxidized metals or industrial dyes for dyeing the textiles. The chemicals included in these preparations include- lead sulphide, heavy metal acids and alkalies, powdered glass, copper sulphate and mercuric sulphite causing the aforementioned problems with more severe allergies and permanent disabilities as mentioned below :-

Temporary Blindness

It pertains sudden vision loss or blurred vision , may block the sight and grey patch on retina appears. The duration of temporary blindness may last for a few minutes to few hours or for the rest of your life. It is a serious medical complication and must not be ignored. The delay in treatment may lead to complete loss of the vision. The holi spray does more harm to the eyes. Once a colour gets into your eye, quickly wash your eye with cold water. Washing eyes will protect your eyes from losing sight. While playing holi, ensure that your eyes are protected with sunglasses.

Eye Allergy

Not only during the holi but post holi eye allergy is fairly seen among the people where redness in the eyes, itching, tearing , burning, stinging and watery discharge forms the main diagnostic features of Eye allergy. The inflammation on the eyelids lead to blurred vision. The more and longer the synthetic colour into the eye, more severe would be the damage. Wash your eyes immediately with cold water continuously for atleast ten minutes. The relaxation does prevail only after the removal of the colour from the eyes. Various eye drops available in the market are recommended to used to get relieve from the eye allergy.

Uveitis (inflammation of the iris):

If the chemicals come in contact with the iris, it can cause serious inflammation. ‘Particularly, in people who wear lenses, the effect is doubled because the chemicals can smear the lens and can get trapped between the lens and the eye surface causing infection,’ says Dr Dhawan.

Reason for eye infection during Holi:

- The synthetic colours that are being used in Holi may contain heavy metals like lead which can cause pink eye, corneal abrasion, chemical burn, or blunt eye injury so try to avoid such colours altogether

- Green synthetic colours of Holi are known for causing fleeting blindness which is a phenomenon of sudden vision loss

- Wherever possible try to avoid water balloons as these can cause blunt eye injury

- You may have observed shining mica particles in red colour but these are really harmful since they can cause damage to the cornea

- Try not to wear contact lenses as colour may get trapped between lens resulting in infection

Indeed, Eyes need extra care during the holi

- Wear sunglasses or protective eye wears during the holi as a safety measure to avoid any sort of colour entering into it.

- Never rub your eyes in case colour enters into them as this may cause loss of the vision.

- In order to ensure the adequate eye care, apply thick layer of coconut oil around the eyes. That would allow you to remove the colour with an ease without much harm to the eyes.

- Its indeed in the benefit to have the overall precautionary measure to not to smear the colours anywhere near the eyes.

- The colours, oozing out from the hairs may get entry into the eyes, can be severely deteriorating. To avoid this, tie or fasten your hairs together by using a cap.

Play safe Holi: take essential precautionary measures

- Strictly Avoid synthetic , dark colours. They are more sticky and has the tendency to stick permanently and becomes extremely hard t remove them.

- For skin allergy sensitive patients, its highly advisable to have anti-allergic tablet to be taken immediately.

- Make a habit of making your own colours using, besan, palak (spinach), rose petals and certain flowers.

Have a safe holi…!!!!!!

Dr. Anjali Awate
Dr. Anjali Awate
BAMS, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 9 yrs, Pune
Dr. Avinash Waghmare
Dr. Avinash Waghmare
BAMS, Family Physician Ayurveda, 4 yrs, Pune
Dr. Shalthiel Sathe
Dr. Shalthiel Sathe
BHMS, Medical Cosmetologist Trichologist, 10 yrs, Pune
Dr. Shivdas Patil
Dr. Shivdas Patil
BAMS, Family Physician, 8 yrs, Pune
Dr. Pratima Kokate
Dr. Pratima Kokate
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Ayurveda, 2 yrs, Pune