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Pout lips are those lips which are fully or semi-puckered and can be used to express either real or mock dissatisfaction by pouting. Pouting can be done by pushing one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression of annoyance or in order to entice people of the opposite sex.

Women at times tend to feel that their lips are darker as compared to their faces. A perfect pink pout is what they desire. There are numerous women all over the world, who have a fascination towards giving a pinkish look to their lips, hence making them perfect for pouts.

Some of the recommendations in dermatology, if followed, can result in getting your lips lightened up and make them pout friendly.

Dermatologist Recommended Tips to Get Pout Lips

1. Women Should Stop Licking Their Lips: A lot of women, with dry lips would have excess skin, which will let the pout have a rough, uneven and discoloured look. This gets even worse if you start licking your lips. Apparently it would seem as if moistening the lips with saliva would help in moisturising them but in reality, that would make the lips drier. Getting rid of this habit would invariably make the lips look much better over a period of time.

2. Application of Lip Balm: Applying lip balm on the lips is a much better option, to relieve your lips from getting dry than to use your own saliva. It will prevent the lips from losing their natural moisture. Lips would also get the much needed hydration. Most importantly, lip balm can be applied as many times a day as possible to get soft, pink lips, worthy of a pout.

3. Lips Should Be Protected From Being Exposed To Sun: Women should always remember that it’s not just the skin, which can get tanned, lips can have the same problem as well. Exposing the lips to sun rays would make them dark in colour and also make them rough. Dermatologists recommend women to use sunblock, in the form of any lip balm and apply that balm on the lips before going out in the sun. Use of sunscreen lotion with SPF30, for at least 5-6 times a day would be ideal to make sure, it does not wear off.

4. Use of Home-Made Lip Scrub: Creating one’s own lip scrub is another option, which women can try to make pout lips. Make a mix of sugar, honey and olive oil, then apply the mixture on your lips. This would act as a gentle scrub. After sometime, wash it off. Doing this for few times in a week would give amazing results.

5. Special Treatments in Dermatology: In case the natural remedies do not work, then certain typical treatments in dermatology could be opted. Pixel Perfect or Clearlift Lasers can help lighten dark lips. Both the procedures are safe and free from any sort of pain. These are light therapies to attack the dark areas of the lips. Pixel Perfect needs 2 to 4 sittings as it works to shed the dark skin from the lips’ surface. As in Clearlift, the cells which make melanin or pigment are targeted directly, so it may take longer to show effects.

While alcohol and drug addiction are commonplace, sexual addiction is also a real problem. This addiction can affect men and women. In many cases, this type of addiction lasts for months before it is diagnosed. A sex addict is a person who uses casual sex to relieve anxiety, tension, feelings of loneliness etc. In some cases, people can get so obsessed with sexual activities and thoughts that it affects their day to day life. This addiction can involve activities that are considered normal and healthy or be focused on activities that are socially frowned upon. It can manifest itself in the form of one night stands, engaging with prostitutes, watching porn excessively etc. Thankfully, as with any other kind of addiction, sexual addiction can be treated.

It is not easy to diagnose a sex addict as this form of addiction has many stages. Some of the symptoms a sex addict professional looks out for are:

Intense sexual urges.

Abnormal sexual activities.

Difficulty connecting with people emotionally.

The use of sex as an escape from uncomfortable situations etc.

Irresponsible sexual behaviour.

Hence, the first step to coping with sexual addiction is for the patient to visit a doctor and accept that he or she has a problem. Many addicts do not realise they have a problem and lie to both themselves and their partners about the addiction. For example, most sexual addicts tell themselves that they watch porn only occasionally and that is simply harmless fun.

Once diagnosed, an addict needs positive motivation. Humiliation or looking down on the person because of his or her habits may worsen the situation instead of helping the person. Overcoming an addiction to pornography, voyeurism, phone sex, compulsive masturbation etc require intense effort and for this the person needs to feel that the people around him support him.

The patient and his loved ones also need to recognise the symptoms of the addiction. For example, if a person tends to watch pornography at night, he needs to ensure that he is occupied with something else until the urge to watch it goes away. In achieving this he may need the help of the people he lives with.

In some cases, psychotherapy may also be required to treat sexual addicts. This can be in the form of both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Psychotherapy takes the form of both one on one counselling sessions and group exercises.

Condoms are the best contraceptive measure you take before having sex because unlike other contraceptive measure such as birth control pills, they actually provide almost fool-proof protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). However, condoms need to be handled with care because if precaution isn’t taken while putting on the condom, it can cause tears on the surface. Here are 5 things you should know about condoms:

Size does matter: 'One size fits all' might not be a good approach towards choosing a condom to wear, because thay come in different sizes. You should check the size at the back of the leaflet before buying it because buying a size that isn’t the right fit can result in tears which can put you and your partner at a risk of pregnancy and contracting STDs.
Condoms do not affect the quality of sex: Contrary to popular belief, condoms do not have any effect on the quality of sex or the level of pleasure you derive from the intercourse. 98% people in a research confirmed this fact. So, not wearing a condom because “it doesn’t feel good” isn’t an excuse anymore.

Latex allergies are a thing: Some people are predisposed to allergies caused due to the latex which most condoms are made of. Symptoms of latex allergy include itchiness, dryness and lesions on the foreskin. If these symptoms persist, don’t be embarrassed to rush to the doctor because the allergy can worsen and prove to be dangerous.
The four types of condoms: The most common type of condom is the latex one, but because latex can cause allergies, an alternative material called polyurethane is used to make condoms too. For people who are allergic to both latex and polyurethane, polyisoprene condoms are a good option. The fourth type of condom is the lambskin condom which is made of lamb intestines. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.

With the advent of the internet and it's free nature, pornography has become one of the most viewed explicit contents of the internet. Though not made for adolescents, pornography is viewed by a large number of teenagers and young adults. Sex education is highly necessary for teens and young adults and pornography can never be substituted for sex education. Read more to find all about it.

Pornography is an act: The porn industry like all other industries exists for profitability and actors who indulge in explicit sexual activities on screen are professionals and the scenes are entirely scripted. The purpose of sex education, which is to provide knowledge about a person's own sexuality is lost in porn. Similar to romantic movies, which are far off from reality, pornography is also a fantasy.
Pornography is focused on the act itself: Sex education is not just learning about sexual activities or preferences, but also about learning reproductive sex, safe sex, reproductive health, birth control and also emotional relations and responsibilities. Pornography is graphic by its nature and does not provide any knowledge on these subjects, which are of utmost importance as comprehensive sex education is necessary for every single person.

Pornography gives out the wrong message: The different positions or ways, which actors perform in pornography might be admirable, but it should be kept in mind that pornography has a purpose and it is not providing sex education to adolescents and young adults. When engaging in sexual activities with your partner, their level of comfort, their consent, and their preferences matter the most. So knowledge gained from pornography is in most cases faulty. Also keep in mind that there is a stark difference in what is shown in porn and what happens in real life.

Dr. Kedar Wani
Dr. Kedar Wani
MDS, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist Dental Surgeon, 2 yrs, Pune
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Dr. Vishnu Nandedkar
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