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Dr. Sandip Jagtap
MBBS Addiction Psychiatrist Adolescent And Child Psychiatrist 14 Years Experience, Maharashtra

What is Depression?

Depression is a most common diagnosis in mental illness. Normally 50 to 60 percent of the people have this problem. If we did not do anything according to our desire, we would be sad for some time but it cannot be called a disease because it is natural. If depression arises and there is obstruction in our daily activities, then it can be called ailment.There are two parts that can be carried out both physically and outside the body
Physical: Depression occurs when there is more physical illness (eg TB, diabetes, hypertension, sexual ailment)
Outside the body: Constant stress, Constant failure, failure to social and domestic expectations.

There are some different sections in treatment of depression. There are listed below:
Psychotherapy (Changes in the thinking and behavior of the patient).
Shock therapy

Below is the list of major symptoms related to Depression.
Feeling continuously sad in the mind.
Feeling impaired.
Decrease or decrease of sleep.
Loss of appetite or more.
Consideration of constant suicide.
Constant fatigue.
Prepare the feeling of undergrowth.
Irritability in young children.
Reduces the speed of physical and mental work.
Speaking low in the house.
Not paying attention to own cleanliness.
Not participating in the dialogue.
He/she is unable to work day to day.
Thinking of negative thoughts.
Loss of life and lack of sense of life.
Too much chatter.
Understand yourself as very important and big.
Too much expense, more to God-God, less need of sleep, Irritation.
Having sexual problems: Acute recurrence, Feeling less rigid. Other marital disadvantages.
As you have suffered from a major illness, constantly going to the doctor, taking a test, still worry and fear about the illness in mind.
Inability to slow down memory due to old age (Diagnostic symptoms).

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