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Tone your arms at home with these easy exercises

Most people would agree that toning arms is not as easy as it looks. Even if you want to bulk up, there is a lot of hard work involved. Toned arms always look good, and if you want to get started right away then we have you covered. Start with simple exercises and then gradually increase the intensity.
Here are some easy exercises you can do at home:

Wall push-ups
* Stand while facing the wall.

* Lift your arms to your shoulder level.

* Place your palms firmly on the wall.

* Lower your chest and head by using your elbows. Keep your head in a neutral position.

* Now exert pressure and come as close as you can to the wall.

* Keep your arms straight.

Close grip push-ups
* Lower yourself down into a push-up position.

* Bring your hands close to each other at chest level.

* Keep your spine straight. Now lower yourself, bending your elbows at a 45-degree angle.

* Make sure that your elbows are locked in place while you are doing the push-up.

Floor dips
* Sit down with your feet in front of your body. Stretch your legs and keep your back straight.

* Pull your feet to support your lower back.

* Put your hands behind your hips and lie flat.

* With the help of your flatly pressed palms, raise your hips and then drop down.

* Keep your chest open and exert force on your triceps.

Resistance band bicep curls
* Hold the two ends of a resistance band and place the centrr of the band under your feet as an anchor.

* Keep your chest straight and then bend your elbows, and try to raise your hands to your shoulders, pulling the resistance band taut.

* Slowly lower your arms. Repeat.

* Put your hands under your shoulder.

* Keep your spine and neck straight.

* Keep your head in line with your back.

* Hold this position for 20 seconds.
There are several variations of a plank. Choose the one you will be comfortable doing.

Dr. Mahesh Yadav
Dr. Mahesh Yadav
BAMS, Ayurveda, 25 yrs, Pune
Dr. Sabir Patel
Dr. Sabir Patel
MBBS, General Medicine Physician General Physician, 2 yrs, Bharuch
Dr.  Awale Tukaram
Dr. Awale Tukaram
MD - Homeopathy, Homeopath Diabetologist, 12 yrs, Pune
Dr. Divya Prakash
Dr. Divya Prakash
MDS, Dentist Implantologist, 6 yrs, Pune
Dr. Sachin  Bhor
Dr. Sachin Bhor
BAMS, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 11 yrs, Pune