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How to Get Rid of Hiccups

Hiccups can be too annoying and embarrassing.

>> Causes of Hiccups could be:
- Eating too quickly
- Eating or drinking too much
- Fear or excitement
- Medications for acid reflux
- Diseases that irritate the nerves that control the diaphragm
- Abdominal surgery
- Brain tumors
- Strokes
- Noxious fumes
- Sudden changes in temperature

There are many home remedies that can help you to stop hiccups.

- Hold Your Breath: It increases the carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, which distracts the mind and stops the cycle of hiccups.
• Take a deep breath and hold it for few seconds
• Exhale gently in regular intervals.

- Cold Water: You can shock your system with cold water to stop hiccups. Any kind of shock will cause distraction and will help put your hiccups to rest.
• Mix honey in a glass of water and drink it as fast as you can.
• Alternatively, gargle with cold water for 1 min to keep hiccups signs and symptoms at bay.
• You can also suck on a small piece of ice for a few seconds.

- Sugar: It is a great hiccup home remedy, especially for small children.
• Fill white or brown sugar in a spoon and hold the spoon in your mouth for 5 seconds.
• Let the sugar dissolve without chewing and then sip some water.

- Cardamom
• Mix cardamom powder in a glass of hot water and let it sit for 15 mins and strain it. Drink it slowly.

- Vinegar: The sour taste of this can help you to relax hiccups, which helps stop the hiccups. Try white vinegar, malt vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
• Swallow some vinegar and a glass of water. You can mix them too.

- Peanut Butter: Its sticky consistency interrupts the breathing pattern when you try to swallow it & this helps to stop the hiccups. You can also use almond butter.
• Put peanut butter in your mouth and hold it for a few seconds and then swallow it.
• You can also drink a glass of water after swallowing.

Dr. Amar Kamble
Dr. Amar Kamble
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Ayurveda Infertility Specialist, 10 yrs, Pune
Dr. Sumit Patil
Dr. Sumit Patil
BAMS, Family Physician General Physician, 15 yrs, Pune
BDS, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist Dental Surgeon, 5 yrs, Pune
Dr. Sandeep Awate
Dr. Sandeep Awate
BAMS, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 15 yrs, Pune
Dr. Prasang Bharadwaj
Dr. Prasang Bharadwaj
MBBS, General Medicine Physician General Physician, 3 yrs, Mumbai