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Dr. Abhijeet Shinde
DNB Cardiologist Diabetologist 13 Years Experience, Maharashtra
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Diabetes management: Asparagus is an exotic vegetable that is gradually being accepted in cuisines all over the world. Asparagus shoots are usually found in Chinese foods and in some south-Indian meals as well. It is a relatively expensive vegetable, which is why it is used sparingly, mostly in gourmet meals. Apart from providing a crackling, crunchy taste, it offers a host of nutritional benefits. Among all the health benefits it provides, its ability to help combat Type-2 diabetes makes it a food with health-promoting properties. It is low in calories, high in proteins and a great source of minerals, especially potassium. Consuming asparagus regularly may lead to high urine and salt excretion that eventually helps in maintaining blood sugar level.

Asparagus has long been used for herbal healing purposes for its potent medicinal properties. Given all the advantages of eating this vegetable, it is only prudent to include it in our diet to manage diseases like diabetes. Asparagus is not commonly available in India but you can find it in gourmet stores and on online food websites. If you are not sure how to really use this vegetable for consumption, pick your cues from the following recipes.

Asparagus-Based Recipes -
1. Asparagus with Sesame and Lemon
Fresh green asparagus is sauteed in butter with garlic and toasted sesame seeds. It is then garnished with lemon juice for a sour flavour. This dish is perfect for a light low-carb dinner or party appetiser.

2. Asparagus with Creamy Mushrooms
Two nutritious foods – asparagus and chestnuts – come together to dish out a flavourful and healthy dish. Asparagus and chestnuts are sauteed with spring onions and ginger and seasoned with soya sauce. Enjoy this delicious meal with creamy mushrooms and bread croutons on the side.

3. Yellow Pepper and Asparagus Stir-Fry
Crunchy asparagus is stir-fried with yellow peppers and almonds in olive oil and spiced up with red chilli and pepper. It is perfect for a healthy evening snack before dinner.

4. Spicy Sauteed Asparagus
Here is another asparagus small meal but with an Indian twist. Asparagus is sauteed in butter with a range of Indian spices like garam masala, coriander powder, salt, turmeric and chillies. It is garnished with sesame seeds and can be enjoyed in between the meals.

Asparagus can be cooked in a number of ways. Roast it, grill it or stir-fry it; avail the benefits of this wonder ingredient by making it a part of your diabetes diet.

Dr. Reshma P. Ransing
Dr. Reshma P. Ransing
BHMS, Family Physician, Pune
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Dr. Deelip Janugade
BAMS, Family Physician General Physician, 31 yrs, Pune
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Dr. Varshali Mali
MBBS, Gynaecologist Obstetrician, 6 yrs, Pune
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Dr. Swapnil Mantri
MBBS, Pediatrician Physician, 7 yrs, Jalna
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Dr. Ajit kadam
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Ayurveda, 20 yrs, Pune