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Managing Clinics

A. Clinic Profile


Clinic management is a tedious task. But with HelloDox, you can effectively manage your clinic. Follow the below steps:

1) For creation of Clinic/ Hospital,
Go to Menu Drawer --> MedxFinder --> Hospital --> Details
  1. In My hospital, create your hospital to start managing your Hospital/Clinic & patients.
  2. In Hospital Association Tab, you can view the list of all associated hospitals and clinics. Use Received and Sent tabs to receive and send hospital or clinic association requests.
  3. In Appointment Tab, you can manage your appointments in your associated hospital/ Clinic. However, you should be associated to a hospital/ Clinic to create new clinical visit schedule. There are 2 ways to get associated with Hospitals/Clinics: - Hospital/Clinic administrator can send the association requeManagingst. - Doctor can also send association request to Hospital Admin. - Path: MedxFinder --> Hospitals --> Hospital Associations to Send/Receive requests.

B. Reports


In Reports Tab, View and Download the report to monitor & optimize operational efficiency. Record and manage all reports required for your day to day operations. Get reports of previous and current footfall and get a snapshot of your patients! Reports from HelloDox help you to monitor & optimize operational efficiency. In reports you can view

  1. Patient Footfall
  2. Revenue
  3. Transactions
  4. Invoice
  5. Wallet debit/ credit and
  6. Appointment details all at one place.

C. Analysis


In Analysis Tab, you can get information on Graphical Analytics from HelloDox which helps you to monitor value realization from digital clinic & patient management. Graphical Analytics from HelloDox helps you to monitor value realization from digital clinic & patient management.

You can view the following Analysis Reports:-
  1. Hourly Patient Footfall
  2. Weekly Patient Footfall
  3. Monthly Patient Footfall
  4. Hourly Revenue
  5. Weekly Revenue
  6. Monthly Revenue
  7. Monthly transactions
  8. Weekly Appointment
  9. Monthly Appointment

Thus make better decisions based on the above analysis for your clinic. It will also help improve day to day operations and increase functionality.

D. Rates and Plans


Patients frequently face the problem of not knowing the charges of treatment and other medical expenses. Well you can help the patients by creating various plans which can be visible to them conveniently before even visiting the clinic.

You also check your HelloDox Wallet, HelloDox Transactions, Patient Purchases and Create new plans with “Plan Creation”.
In Plan Creation you can create:
  1. Clinical Visit Plans,
  2. Health Package Plan,
  3. Consumables and
  4. Online Follow up.
    • e. Select day for Patient Appointment and meeting
    • f. Then Select the time
    • g. From the dropdown menu select patient Appointment
    • h. Then add patient
You can create your plans by:
  1. Clicking on the Menu Drawer --> MedxFinder --> Plan Creation
  2. Clicking on the Menu Drawer --> MedxFinder --> Online Consultation --> Plan creation