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Drinking approx. 750 ml of water in the early hours of the day keeps the 3 bio-energies i.e., Vata, Pitta and Kapha on track.

According to Ayurveda, drinking 8 prasriti (approximately 768 ml) of water in the early hours of the day during sunrise and before attending nature calls helps channelizing the 3 doshas, viz., Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. It ensures healthy metabolic fire and assures the followers of this regime a lengthy life with a perfect libido.

The water can be stored in metallic vessels like copper, silver etc or even wooden or clay. Water derives healing properties from the containers it is stored in.
- Drinking water from the gold vessel/glass pacifies all the bio-energies and improves vision.
- Water stored in Silver is useful for eyes, sight and pacifies pitta, but increases Vata and Kapha. Therefore, it is not recommended for people of cold temperament.
- Copper glass water increases intelligence, appetite and prevents bleeding problems. Copper is highly recommended amongst all.
- Water stored in Brass glass is a good wormicidal.
- Water from leafy containers increase taste, improve digestion and remove toxins.
- Water drunk from Iron glass containers relieves edema and gives strength.
- Water from clay containers are cool in potency and heal inflammations.
- Water from wooden containers increase appetite.

Most of us hate it when we have to vomit, but vomiting is often your body's way of purging a contaminated substance. Often vomiting is tied with a strange uneasy feeling. This sensation is called nausea. Nausea can persist just before vomiting. Many a times you are just feeling nauseous and don't vomit and many a times nausea goes away after vomiting. The feeling of nausea and vomiting could be due to a various factors.

Here are simple & effective home remedies to soothe nausea and vomiting sensation..

- Chew 1 or two cardamom seeds, the change of taste can also help soothe the vomiting sensation.

- To a cup of water, add 10 drops of lime juice and half teaspoon sugar . Then add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Stir and drink. This effective remedy can stop nausea and vomiting immediately.

- A tea made of 1 teaspoon cumin seeds and a pinch of nutmeg steeped in a cup of hot water can also prove effective.

- A mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and honey can also provide relief from the uneasy feeling induced by nausea. Dip your index finger into the mixture and lick it. Have the mixture slowly.

- Ginger is an effective remedy to several tummy and digestion related problems. If the vomiting is caused due to food poisoning or indigestion, mixing one teaspoon of ginger juice or freshly grated ginger pulp and one teaspoon onion juice can also help you get past that queasy feeling effectively.

Dr. Sachin Bhor
BAMS Ayurveda Panchakarma 11 Years Experience, Pune

What should be the Paricharya..or daily routine for 1 St Month of Preganacy...

Many times women got to know late about pregnancy..and they missed those first month in half way..but who accepting about baby..should follow..this Ayurvedic Garbhini Paricharya when they got to know about preganacy.

1. Ayurveda Concern more about baby and it starts with

1 St Month Caring Medicine..or we called Prarham Masse Medicine

This Medicine helpful to protect the baby..and for safe development of baby..because many times in first trimester many hurdels are comes miscarriages,spoting this medicines helps to well development of baby..

( All Ayurvedic Medicine Should be taken under Reg Ayurvedic Practitioner observation)

So what should be the diet according to Ayurvedic dincharya for Garbhini..

She should avoid More Spicy,Sour,lemon,Yogurt and Cold Food ..or Night food which might be eaten in morning that should be avoided.

Milk or Medicinal Milk, she could take..from first month,Many Women's don't take Milk..they felt vomiting Sensation ,they can take milk with mixing a pinch of powder of cardamom elaichi)

At the end of the month morning sickness or vomiting sensation mainly light diet should be advised with vegetables soups or dal Rice ..( vegetables should be neatly clean ) ,pulses like Green gram is best to take.

Avoid Heat producing products like Tea,Coffe..

No Tail Abhyang..or Udarvartan..Powder massage in Till 5 month.

Water intake should be 5 to 6 glasses with every time a sips according to your thirst..

Yog.-- Simple sukhasan with anulom and vilom for 10/mins .

(This information is just for knowledge of Ayurveda..what is told in Grantha...but Medicines and Proper Medicinal dincharya are not describe in this article... So people's should understand and consult with Register Ayurvedic Practitioners for Ayurvedic Garbhini Dincharya.).

Thank you.

Ayurveda For All..

Vaidya Sachin Bhor
Sainath Ayurveda
Thane .

Improper way of drinking water can lead to illnesses. According to Ayurveda, there are some guidelines for drinking water to keep you healthy.

- Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning will help in flushing out the toxins from your body and prevent many diseases. It will also clear your intestine and kidneys. Start drinking around two cups of water and then increase the quantity.
- Adding few drops of lemon juice to it can help.
- - Identify your body’s signal to know when you are thirsty - dark urine or chapped lips.
- Do not gulp down your water. Take small sips and drink slowly.
- Never drink water in a hurry (while standing). This can disturb the fluid balance of your body.
- Sit down to drink water. This will relax your nervous system and muscles, helping your digestion.
- Drink lukewarm water, instead of chilled water. It will promote good digestion, relieve pain and bloating, help in weight loss and will improve metabolism.

भारतात जवळपास अनेक घरांमध्ये तुळशीचं रोपटं पाहायला मिळतं. हिंदू संस्कृती मानणाऱ्या अनेक कुटुंबात तुळशीचं खास महत्त्व आहे. हिंदू संस्कृतीत पूजनीय असणाऱ्या तुळशीचे औषधीय गुणधर्मही तितकेच महत्त्वाचे आहेत. तुळस आरोग्यासाठी अतिशय गुणकारी मानली जाते. जाणून घ्या तुळशीच्या पानांचे फायदे...

तणाव कमी करते -
तुळस दिवसभराचा थकवा दूर करते. अतिशय ताण असल्यास दररोज रात्री दूधात तुळशीची काही पानं टाकून, उकळून ते दूध पिण्याने फायदा होतो. याने मज्जासंस्थेला आराम मिळून तणाव कमी होण्याची शक्यता असते.

रोगप्रतिकारशक्ती वाढवते -
तुळशीत मोठ्या प्रमाणात अॅन्टी-बॅक्टेरियल आणि अॅन्टी-इंफ्लिमेंट्री गुण असतात. जे रोगप्रतिकारशक्ती मजबूत करण्याचे काम करतात. दररोज तुळशीची पानं खाल्ल्याने फ्लूचा धोकाही दूर होण्यास मदत होते.

महिलांना मासिक पाळी समस्या -
महिलांना मासिक पाळीदरम्यान अनेक प्रकारच्या समस्या होत असतात. या दिवसांत महिलांना अतिशय त्रासाला सामोरं जावं लागतं. अशा त्रासावेळी तुळशीच्या बिया फायदेशीर ठरतात. मासिक पाळीमधील अनियमितता दूर करण्यासाठी दररोज तुळशीच्या पानांचे सेवन करणे फायद्याचे ठरते.

सर्दी-खोकला -
तुळशीचा काढा सर्दी-खोकल्यावर रामबाण मानला जातो. काढा बनवण्यासाठी तुळशीची पानं पाण्यात टाकून त्यात काळी मिरी आणि खडीसाखर मिसळून त्याचे सेवन करा. सर्दीसाठी हा काढा अतिशय गुणकारी ठरतो.

Dr. Ajita Garud-Shinde
Dr. Ajita Garud-Shinde
MS - Allopathy, Ophthalmologist Eye Specialist, 4 yrs, Pune
Dr. Sumit Patil
Dr. Sumit Patil
BAMS, Family Physician General Physician, 15 yrs, Pune
Dr. Hemant Chavan
Dr. Hemant Chavan
BAMS, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 10 yrs, Pune
Dr. Shreya Agarwal
Dr. Shreya Agarwal
BPTh, Physiotherapist, 1 yrs, Pune
Dr. Rekha Y Sanap
Dr. Rekha Y Sanap
MD - Homeopathy, 13 yrs, Pune