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Who doesn't want a soft, supple and radiant skin? A lot of us strive to get a flawless skin and in order to achieve the same, we often end up trying various cosmetic and beauty products and treatment that are easily available in the market. What we fail to realise is the fact that these store-bought products could possible do more harm than good to our skin. It is always better to use natural ingredients on face, as they steer clear of any side-effects. A dry, patchy and dull skin can undoubtedly give you a hard time. However, there is one humble kitchen ingredient that can help in bringing back that lost glow - lemon. Yes, you read that right! Lemon comes packed with a host of health-benefiting properties, including skin, hair, and overall health. When it comes to skin care, lemon can come to great help. Lemon can be used in your face packs and face scrubs for almost all skin types; be it dry, oily or normal.

A 100-gram serving of lemon contains about 53 grams of vitamin C, which is again a very skin-friendly nutrient. You may also add other kitchen ingredients as well to complement lemon. For instance, honey and sugar are two ingredients that are perfect to be used in lemon scrubs. Here are three lemon scrubs for all skin types.

For Normal Skin - Sugar And Lemon Scrub

This scrub is made using the superb combination of sugar and lemon. Both sugar and lemon are replete with healthful properties. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is known to even skin tone and can also tighten open pores. On the other hand, sugar acts as a natural exfoliator, which helps in removing dead and dull skin cells from the face.


6 tablespoons Lemon Juice
2 tablespoons Sugar


To begin with, take a bowl and add both sugar and lemon juice to it.

Mix both the ingredients and massage the mixture with your fingertips on your face in a circular motion.

The sugar granules should be massaged well on the face till they get evenly dissolved.

Once this is done, wash off your face with warm water.

Note: This particular face scrub would also help keep dark spots and tanned skin at bay.

For Dry Skin - Coconut Oil, Sugar and Lemon Scrub

Do you happen to have a dry skin type? If yes, then this face scrub is for you. Look no further and bring this three-ingredient face scrub to your rescue and say bye-bye to dry and flaky skin. Lemon helps in softening the skin; whereas, coconut will act as a tonic and bring back the moisture to the dull skin.


1/2 cup coconut Oil
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice


Start by adding all the three ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.

Now, take this oil scrub and massage onto your face for around 8-10 minutes.

Once the scrubbing part is done, wash off your face with warm water.

For Oily Skin - Honey, Baking Soda and Lemon Scrub

Pimples can turn out to be quite annoying. People with oily skin type usually tend to suffer more from pimple problems. If you also happen to be a prey of those frequent acne breakouts, then this lemon scrub is sure to come quite handy. Made using baking soda, lemon and honey, this scrub will deep cleanse your oily skin. Lemon acts as a natural astringent, baking soda acts as a natural cleanser and honey's anti-bacterial properties may help reduce sebum production.


1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 tablespoon baking soda


Take a bowl and add all the three ingredients to it.

After mixing them well, apply this paste-like scrub on your face using your fingers and gently massage for about 3-4 minutes.

Once this is done, wash off your face using cold water.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring these three lemon scrubs to your rescue and bring back that lost glow and shine on your face.

Olive oil is creating a storm in kitchens across the world. Not only is it being used in wide number of culinary preparations across various cuisines, but its healthful properties are being talked about by various health enthusiasts. The fat that is obtained after crushing olives is what is termed as olive oil. It complements a lot with delights like salads and pastas and is quite enjoyed for its pungent flavour. The numerous benefits that it comes with is not only when it is consumed in dishes etc., but it is also when applied topically on skin and hair. In a lot of homemade massage treatments, olive oil is used as a common base, and it is then combined with various essential oils.

Here's how olive oil massage for hair can benefit you:

Improves Hair Quality

If you happen to be one of those who is always in quest for remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp, then this wonder oil is definitely for you. A good hair massage with olive oil may help keep dry and flaky scalp at bay. Dry and flaky scalp can turn out to be quite annoying and embarrassing as dry scalp often results in dandruff. Olive oil massage works by moisturising and conditioning the dry scalp and hair. A good massage can retain the moisture that our hair needs to grow and sustain. You can use this easy home remedy in the comforts of your home by just using few basic ingredients. Use olive oil as a base component and combine it with essential oil of your choice. Mix both the ingredients well and using your fingertips; massage the oil into your scalp, but in circular motion. The hair massage will not only benefit your hair, but will also give you a soothing and relaxed feeling. Allow this mixture to stay for around 15 minutes and wash it off using a mild shampoo. This olive oil massage may help retain the lost sheen of your tresses.

May Relieve Pain And Swelling

As per Ayurveda, olive oil is quite often used in India for medicinal purposes. Olive oil massage is used as therapy and is known to provide relief from inflammation, swelling, aches and muscle spasms. A lot of people suffer from the problem of frequent muscle sprains and cramps. Though medication can come to great help, but a massage therapy could possibly provide quick relief from the painful condition. Various pain killers may provide you with temporary relief; however, the proper nourishing would only be possible with the help of a good massage. If you have a problem with the strong and pungent aroma of olive oil, then you can mix it with some aromatic essential oil of your choice. In order to get efficient results, one must pair the olive oil massage with yoga exercises for joints.

Keeps Dry Skin At Bay

Winter is here and along with it comes the problem of dry and flaky skin. The harsh weather can take a toll on your skin health to a great extent. So, in order to cope with it, it is essential to follow a skin care regime that can provide you with effective results. One such natural home remedy that may do wonders for your skin health is olive oil massage. The benefits of olive oil massage on skin are aplenty. Not only does it help in keeping dry skin at bay, but also nourishes the skin from within, giving you a soft and supple skin. If you wish to make the most of this home remedy, you can also mix olive oil with vitamin E oil, which is again a perfect ingredient for skin care. While massaging, an addition of vitamin E capsule in olive oil could provide with great results.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring olive oil to your rescue and make it a part of you winter skin care rituals. If you know of more such ways of including olive oil in beauty care regime, do let us know in the comments section below.

Monsoons have finally hit us with Mumbai witnessing heavy rainfall and Delhi preparing to welcome the rains. The temperatures usually take a dip with the onset of monsoon, but this time around the mercury levels have been on the higher side. After a long spell of the heat wave, we look forward to the relief of the much-awaited monsoons, the intoxicating fragrance of rain on the parched earth, the lush green freshly bathed trees and, of course, the coolness of the breeze. However, like every other season, monsoon has its share of skin problems.

The monsoon spells high humidity levels and that can definitely lead to nightmares, especially for those of you who suffer from intensively oily and acne prone skin. Keep the skin oil free and squeaky-clean with this antiseptic tonic -

A cup of fuller's earth
Mixed with enough rose water to make a smooth paste
1 tsp of powdered camphor

Keep this paste in the fridge in an air-tight jar and use a teaspoon of this mixture on the face several times a day. This will reduce oiliness and give your skin a clean feel.I am quite confident that all those of you with excessively dry skin may feel slightly better as humidity hydrates the skin and gives it a natural glow. However, to keep that skin glowing, make a mixture of -

A glass of rain water
Mix a tsp of honey

Mix both together and apply on your skin. This honey water let the skin absorb and soak up all its goodness. Wash the skin with cold water after 30 minutes.

If your skin breaks out into pimples every now and then, especially during the rains, make the following paste and apply only on the pimples -

2 tsp fuller's earth
2 drops clove oil
1 tsp sandalwood powder
1 tsp finely ground neem paste

Mix to a thick paste and apply on the pimples. Let it dry completely. This can be used daily. Besides this, the easiest trick is to drink lots of water, at least 10 glasses daily. This will help flush out your toxins and lend a natural radiance to the skin.

For a cleansing face wash for particularly oily skin make the following -

2 tsp fuller's earth
2 tsp sandalwood powder
10 ground basil leaves
Rose water

Mix to a paste and wash your face with this. Not only will your skin feel cleaner but it'll also glow.

Acne is common problem during the monsoon and can be very irritating. To get rid of pimple problems make the following pack -

2 tsp fuller's earth
A pinch of camphor
2 drops of clove oil

Mix this with rose water and apply on the pimples. Let dry and wash off with fridge cold water. Be careful when using clove oil as even a little extra quantity will tend to burn the skin.

As the weather shifts from hot and sweaty to becoming humid, you need to make small changes in your beauty routine to take care of your skin. Keep these home-remedies handy and you will be able to enjoy beautiful looking skin throughout the season.

Among the many exotic and colourful fruits, dragon fruit tops the list, and sure, it is a treat to the eyes as well. Not only is this fruit beautiful, but is also a storehouse of many health benefits. It comes packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, which can be beneficial for overall health and skin-related problems, including signs of ageing, acne and sunburn. It is said that dragon fruit is amazing for acne-prone skin, and when applied topically, it works wonders for your inflamed skin. We have enlisted some amazing benefits of dragon fruit for skin that will convince you to add this fruit to your beauty regime.

Dragon Fruit For Skin
1. Helps soothe sunburnt skin

The fruit is loaded with vitamin B3 that enables it to soothe sunburnt skin and provide instant relief from the inflammation, redness and itchiness caused by the harsh ultra-violet rays. Moreover, it protects the skin from the harmful sunrays.

2. Helps reduce acne

When applied topically, dragon fruit can help reduce acne; thanks to the presence of vitamin C content. This antioxidant prevents your skin from breaking out and further keeps it healthy and glowing.

What to do:

Scrape all the pulp from a whole dragon fruit, and mash it into a smooth paste using a fork. Now, apply the pulp on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure you use different cotton balls to apply it on another area, as it may help prevent more breakouts.

3. Makes the skin glow

Vitamin C in dragon fruit may help protect against dullness and leave your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

What to do:

While applying the fruit topically may help, drinking a glassful of its juice is a good way to help maintain your skin health and make it glow.

4. May prevent free radical damage

Free radicals are said to damage cells and cause oxidative stress, leaving your skin look dull and dehydrated all the time. Moreover, it can cause your skin to age prematurely. Topical application of this fruit can prevent free radicals to prevent the skin from being dull.

5. Helps fight premature ageing

A poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, free radical damage, poor diet, and sun damage can speed up the skin's ageing process and cause premature signs of ageing, which includes fine lines and wrinkles. Regular application of the fruit can prevent free radicals from damaging the skin.

What to do:

Take half dragon fruit and scoop out the pulp and make smooth paste from it. Add some yogurt to it. Now, apply the face pack on your face and neck. Keep it for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

6. Acts as a natural moisturiser

Dragon fruit is essentially a natural moisturiser as it contains about 80 percent of water and comes packed with skin-essential vitamins and antioxidants. One of the best ways to use dragon fruit is to apply it directly on the skin. Now, that you know such amazing benefits of this exotic fruit, bring it your rescue.

Glycerine is one of the oldest and most common ingredients that can be found in almost any household. It is one of the most effective ingredients to treat dry and dehydrated skin. Glycerine, also known as glycol, can be extracted from animal fat as well as vegetable fat. It is a thick gelatinous, sweet tasting, odourless liquid that is used in a variety of cosmetics like creams, moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners. Apart from facial skin, glycerine can be used on lips as well to keep dryness at bay. You can replace those expensive lip balms with glycerine and have naturally soft lips. I have seen my grandmother using glycerine for her skin. She used to make a mixture of rose water and glycerine and massage it on her face regularly. No wonder she had a super soft and glowing skin all the time, inspite of living in the hills where the summer sun was harsh and the winters were even harsher.

So, without much ado, let us see how glycerine supports our skin's health.

Glycerine For Dry Skin | Removes Dryness

Glycerine is an excellent moisturiser for skin. Using it regularly on your skin will keep it hydrated and fresh. If you have a dry, patchy skin, then bring glycerine to your rescue and bid goodbye to dryness.

Maintains pH Balance

Glycerine helps maintain the pH balance of your skin. Using it regularly will minimise the water loss in your skin, which generally happens due to evaporation. It creates a layer of moisture on your skin that protects from harmful UV rays, keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing. You can make it a part of your winter skin care regime.


Glycerine has healing properties and can act as a natural medicine, especially in treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Dead Skin Removal

Glycerine breaks down the proteins in dead skin cells and removes them from our skin. This helps in generation of new skin cells, giving you a clear and healthy skin.

Now you know why glycerine is so important for your beauty arsenal. Although there are many beauty products available in the market that claim to have glycerine in them, it is always recommended to use homemade glycerine beauty treatments to avoid putting any other chemicals on your skin.

Here are some DIY glycerine beauty remedies that will give you healthy and happy skin:

Night Moisturiser
Take 50ml of glycerine and 50ml of rose water in a bowl and mix them well. Store the mixture in an air-tight bottle/jar. To use it, dip a cotton ball in it and wipe your skin with it. Leave it overnight. Wash your face the next morning.

Hand Moisturiser
Take 2tsb honey, 2tsp glycerine and 2tsb oatmeal in bowl. Mix all the ingredients well until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your hands and allow it to dry. Scrub it off with milk and then water.

Skin Cleanser And Softener
Take 2tsp sugar, 2tsp glycerine, 2drops lavender essential oil or geranium oil, 1tsp sea salt and juice of half a lemon. Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and scrub gently onto damp skin, allowing the sugar to melt into the skin and salt to cleanse. Wash it off with water and say hello to see a super soft skin.

Cracked Heel Healer
Massaging glycerine regularly on your heels may give you relief from painful cracked heels. All you have to do is to directly massage on your heels. You may also mix warm sesame seed oil with glycerine and apply it on the affected area.

Anti-Ageing Mask
Take 1 egg white, 1tsp corn-starch, 2tsp ice water and 1tsp glycerine in a bowl and mix all the ingredients well. Apply it on your face and allow it to dry. Wash it off with cold water. Using it regularly may give you better results.

Make-Up Remover
As we know that glycerine is a good skin cleanser, you may also use it as your make-up remover. Take 2tsp glycerine and mix it with the juice of half a lemon and 2tsp of milk. Now, with a help of cotton ball, wipe your face with this mixture. Wash off your face with normal water before going off to bed.

Anti-Acne Treatment
Take 1tsp glycerine, 1tsp Fuller's Earth, a pinch of camphor and a tsp of witch-hazel in a bowl and mix them well. Apply the mixture on the affected area. Leave on till dry and wash off with normal water.

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Dr. Mahesh Gupta
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