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Eye Strain is an umbrella term that denotes a number of symptoms that relate to the extended use of eyes as well as discomfort that may come from excessive smartphone and computer use. This condition may or may not lead to significant eye damage and is usually characterised by blurry vision, headaches and a feeling of dryness in the eye as you blink less which creates less tears. This may happen due to the extended use of the eye when you are following objects on a screen or staring at a screen for too long. So, is eye strain the cause of your headaches?

Find out more in this article.

Causes: Eye Strain or Asthenopia is caused by concentrating on visually intense tasks like reading from texts that have a fine print, the use of computers and other screens for prolonged periods, and trying to focus on objects in the dark. This can lead to distress of the muscles in this area which can also cause eye strain leading to a variety of symptoms including double imagery and even headaches and mild migraine like conditions.

Eye Muscle Imbalance: When there is eye strain which leads to headaches, it can also give rise to eye muscle imbalance which makes it difficult to concentrate with both eyes at the same time. In such cases, one may need bifocal glasses so as to fix the issue and prevent such debilitating headaches to remain on a persistent basis.

Diagnosis: Digital eye fatigue and ocular eye strain leading to headaches can be diagnosed by a doctor with the help of regular eye examinations. In any case, one should have the eyes checked at least once a year. This is especially important if your job involves sitting in front of the computer screen for prolonged hours.

Symptoms: There are a variety of symptoms of these headaches that are caused by eye strain. Apart from blurry vision which does not allow the patient to see properly and clearly without glasses, it can also cause headaches with symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light. Retinal or eye migraines do not necessarily have to come with headaches, but the pressure can be painful enough.

Treatment: To begin with, the best form of treatment for headaches born from eye strain includes prevention which can be done by getting plenty of rest and sleep even as we limit the hours spent in front of the screen. One can also lower the resolution of the screen and make it more ambient. Also, the screen should be placed at a considerable distance from the eyes. The doctor can also prescribe glasses and eye drops for better eye lubrication.

HEADACHES CAN BE triggered by any number of factors, including lack of sleep or food, anxiety, or even medications.

But when the pain in your head won't go away, try these remedies, specific to the type you're experiencing.

1. Tension Headache
Symptoms: Pain on both sides of your head. These are the most common type—affecting 70 percent of men—and are usually triggered by extreme stress or neck strain.

Treatment: Over-the-counter drugs are usually all that's needed (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen). But you may also find relief with a massage to loosen tight neck muscles.

Prevention: Sit up straight at work. Sitting hunched over your desk all day can set it off, especially if you're under stress. Keeping tension headaches at bay may be as simple as a quick walk outside away from the tumult of the office.

2. Migraine
Symptoms: Intense, throbbing pain, usually on one side of your head, accompanied by nausea and/or sensitivity to light or sound. Not fun. It's uncommon for men in their 20s or over to start developing migraines, so if you've never had one before, that pain is probably something different.

Treatment: Prescription meds such as sumatriptan are most helpful. So is rest in a quiet, dark room.

Prevention: Identify and eliminate your triggers (the most common are red wine, cheese, and caffeine). Regular exercise has also been shown to reduce frequency and severity.

3. Cluster Headache
Symptoms: A sharp pain behind one eye that strikes suddenly, and goes away just as quickly. The headaches come in groups — or clusters — and can reoccur for days or months. Cluster headaches are rare, affecting less than 1% of adult, but men in their 20s are more likely to get them.

Treatment: Oxygen therapy has been shown to help alleviate the pain. You also may want to get checked for sleep apnea — up to 80% of cluster headache sufferers also have the condition, and treating one may help eliminate the other.

Prevention: They are hard to predict, but there are several drugs, including Sansert (methysergide maleate), that your doc may recommend as a preventive measure.

>> Cold water
The swift splash of cold water, will provoke the quick production of adrenaline in the body. As a result, the adrenaline elevates your easiness for the hangover’s effects. The headache and the profound sensation will steadily reduce.

>> Water, milk, juice..Drink it all!
Drinking, which weakens your body, is one of the terrible after-effects of binging on drinks. So to avoid #dehydration just gulp tons of water and let it all be flushed. However, make sure you are not found near coffee in any case as it further aggravates the #headache and dehydrate you.

>> Puke the inside turmoil out
Puking is pretty rough but it is also an useful hangover remedy. After puking, you will feel much relaxed, as all the toxins will be washed out of your system. Force it or let it come out with its own flow.

>> Sleep over your drinks rage
Even after taking proper medication, you still don’t feel all right; then the super excellent solution to deal with it- is just to sleep on it. But be ready to wake up with a bad headache!
- Soothing music: Let your mood be influenced. Play soft jazz or blues, even though urbane, these songs induce a sleepy feel.
- Scalp Massage: A head massage is one thing to try out to make you fall asleep.

>> Let the liquids find their way out
Harmful and superfluous materials inside the body are detached in the process of sweating and urinating, together with the traces of ethanol from last night’s alcohol spree.

>> Eat through the problem
Fruits, which are full of vitamin C, are believed to combat the signs of a hangover. So keep fresh fruits like apple, banana, orange and pear handy. Deal with dehydration, deal with your hangover. The secret food item here is bread. It’ll soak up the alcohol in your body.

>> Some more tips
- Never drink on an empty stomach.
- Drink but do eat along.
- If you are drinking 2 parts of alcohol, sip at least 1 part of water along.

जर एखाद्याला थंडी, ताप, सर्दी यासारखा आजाराचा त्रास असेल तर त्यावर लवकर उपचार केले जाऊ शकतात. पण काही असे आजार आहेत त्यावर मात करणे खूप अवघड जाते. याला 'मानसिक त्रास' असेही म्हणता येईल. डोक्यात वेगवेगळ्या ठिकाणी होणाऱ्या वेदना अनेक आजारांचे स्पष्टीकरण देत असतात. पुरुषांच्या तुलनेत स्त्रियांना डोकेदुखीचा अधिक त्रास होतो. हा त्रास शरीरापेक्षा मानसिक रुपात आजारी पडणाऱ्या लोकांना जास्त होण्याची शक्यता असते.

कोणत्या स्वरुपाची डोकेदुखी कोणत्या आजाराचे कारण आहे पाहूया...
१)मेंदू - जर तुमच्या मेंदूच्या भागास वेदना होत असेल, तर हे समजून घ्या की हे सामान्य दुखणे नाही. ही वेदना मायग्रेनची असू शकते. यासाठी नर्व्ह जबाबदार असतात. मेंदूतील वेदना बऱ्याचदा डोक्याच्या मध्यभागी अनुभवली जाते. आपल्याला असे अनुभव आल्यावर त्वरित डॉक्टरांचा सल्ला घ्या.

२) अधिक तणाव - डोके दुखीला बऱ्याचदा आपली मनःस्थिती कारणीभूत ठरते. जर आपल्या डोक्याच्या दोन्ही भागात वेदना होत असतील तर ते तणावग्रस्त आहे. तणावामुळे डोक्याच्या दोन्ही भागातील दुखण्याला सुरुवात होते.

३) जास्त विचार केल्यामुळे - जेव्हा आपला मेंदू अनेक गोष्टींचा विचार करतो, तेव्हा देखील तिथे वेदनेला सुरुवात होते. काहीवेळ आपण एखाद्या विचारात अडकलेलो असलो तरी आपल डोके दुखायला लागते.

४) इंद्रिये - खूप वेळ फोनवर जास्त बोलण्यामुळे किंवा डीजेच्या आवाजाने कानात विशेष प्रकारचा आवाज ऐकू येतो. ज्यामुळे डोकेदुखी जाणवते. कधीकधी सुगंधीत द्रव्यांच्य़ा गंधामुळे देखील डोकेदुखीचा त्रास होऊ शकतो. अर्थातच वेगवेगळ्या इंद्रियांमुळे डोकेदुखीचा त्रास संभवतो.

५) पचनक्रिया - काहीवेळा डोकेदुखी डोक्याशी संबंधित नसून, पोटाशी संबंधित असते. शरीरातील पचनक्रिया योग्य पद्धतीने पार पडली नाही. तर यामुळे देखील डोकेदुखीचा त्रास होऊ शकतो. जर तुमचे डोके सतत दुखत असेल तर ते अतिसाराचे लक्षण देखील असू शकते.

डोकेदुखी प्रचंड तापदायक ठरते. महत्वाच्या कामादरम्यान डोकेदुखी उद्भवली की काहीही सुचत नाही. डोकेदुखीवर वेदनाशामक औषधं किंवा प्रतिजैविकं घेण्याऐवजी काही घरगुती उपाय करून बघता येतील.

* आल्यामुळे डोक्यतल्या रक्तवाहिन्यांना आराम मिळतो. वेदना कमी होतात. त्यामुळे डोकं दुखत असेल तर आल्याचा चहा किंवा काढा प्यावा. आलं आणि लिंबांचा रस सम प्रमाणात घेऊन हे मिश्रण प्या.

आलेपूड किंवा आलं पाण्यात उकळून ते पाणी प्या.

* डोकेदुखीवर दालचिनी प्रभावी ठरते. दालचिनीची पूड करून त्यात पाणी घाला. जाडसर पेस्ट तयार करा. कपाळावर लावा. डोळे बंद करून अर्धा तास लेटून राहा. कोमट पाण्याने धुवून टाका. आराम मिळेल.

* लवंग नैसर्गिक वेदनाशामक आहे. लवंग थंडावा देते. लवंगांची पूड करून रूमालात बांधा. डोकेदुखी उद्भवली की लवंगाचा वास घ्या. आराम मिळेपर्यंत ही कृती करत राहा.

Dr. Sagar Salunke
Dr. Sagar Salunke
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 2 yrs, Pune
Dr. Yogesh  Lohade
Dr. Yogesh Lohade
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Ayurveda Panchakarma, 9 yrs, Pune
Dr. Surekha Borade
Dr. Surekha Borade
MS/MD - Ayurveda, Yoga and Ayurveda General Physician, 16 yrs, Raigad
Dr. Smita  Patil
Dr. Smita Patil
BHMS, Homeopath, 15 yrs, Pune
Dr. Lalitkumar Thakare
Dr. Lalitkumar Thakare
BPTh, Homecare Physiotherapist Neuro Physiotherapist, 9 yrs, Pune